Steve and I will travel across our district during the first 5 months of this new Rotary year to visit all 65 Rotary clubs. We look forward to working with you as ... ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD !
District Governor Erna Morain C) 515-205-2043

Over 240 High School Students from across Iowa will participate in Rotary Leadership Training (RYLA) on the Grinnell College campus in July.  Rotary leaders are on hand to guide and assist students as they learn and develop leadership skills during this life changing experience.  Please consider being a volunteer, email Mark McAndrews to find out what is involved!  To learn about RYLA, click HERE.  You are invited to visit and see the great things going on during the event, ask Mark which day is best.

Greetings from Evanston! After Council on Legislation, we put together a document that describes some of the changes that clubs or districts will see with the start of the new Rotary Year. CLICK HERE to view this document. A few things to note:
  1. Even though there were many more items that passed, a lot of them had to do with the overall organization. This document highlights what’s happening at the club and district levels. For a full overview of the COL, Rotarians could either check in with your COL Reps or visit My Rotary (
  2. You’ll see that page 1 of the document discusses that the language in Standard Rotary Club Constitution (SRCC) will be modernized to make it more accessible. It also asks the reader head to My Rotary to download a copy. We’re still in the process of streamlining the SRCC and expect it’ll be posted soon.
  3. In line with number 2 above, the 2019 Manual of Procedure (MOP) is also being drafted. Traditionally, the English version of the MOP has released in the fall (usually October) with translated versions to follow in winter. We expect the same timing this year, and will let you know when the new edition has been released. We’re expecting that it will release as an electronic PDF rather than a printed version.
John Hannes and Geoff Cocharon, R.I. Support

To see club events CLICK HERE and you can promote your Rotary event on this Club Events Calendar!  To add your event click HERE or contact the district office with details.  This calendar is updated around the 1st & 15th each month.

Our District has 2 videos Seeing Red Cars and Celebrate that clubs can check out.  Rotarians at One Rotary Summit in 2017-18 were inspired by "Seeing Red Cars". The host, Laura Goodrich, “encourages us to focus on what we DO WANT instead of focusing on what we don't! By having a positive attitude and taking action, viewers will be motivated to move in the right direction for themselves and for their organization.” DG Tom showed "Celebrate" to Club Presidents with positive responses. Clubs are encouraged to show these at your board or club meeting.  Contact the District Office
Call the Rotary International Contact Center at 866-9ROTARY (866-976-8279) or email to check deadlines, forms, Foundation giving and recognition points.
Presidents & Secretaries: Click here to find who can assists you.

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Looking for Rotary information to share with a prospective or new member, something that explains about the programs, international projects and fellowship? Find a great brochure HERE!
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