Applications for Outbound Students are due each November.
Greg Probst, Chair & Student Protection Officer
C: 319-331-5987


Chris Knapp, Vice-Chair, Alt. Student Protection Officer

C: 319-621-4977


Inbound Coordinators

Beth Saxton and Taylor Sung


Outbound Coordinator, Paul Kalainoff

District 6000: Pioneer in Rotary Youth Exchange 
By Loring Miller, Past District Governor

District 6000 has continued to be a pioneer in the Rotary Youth Exchange process, fulfilling the international dreams of high school age students.  In 1962, Rotary Youth Exchange expanded to the United States with seven students from Europe and Scandinavia. District 6000, then known as District 600, participated in that first U.S. exchange by hosting a girl from Sweden. Between 30-40 teenagers to and from this district attend a year of high school in another country and help foster international understanding and world peace.

District 6000's Youth Exchange committee continues to be recognized for our innovative approach to new exchange concepts. We administered the first ever New Generations Exchange in the country of Argentina followed by the first ever New Generations Exchange in the country of Taiwan.  During the 1998-1999 school year, District 6000 hosted the Simon Estes South African Chorus. This event offered medical care, education, and hope to 40 impoverished South African youth funded totally by Rotarians and concerned citizens from this district. In 2000, District 6000 was recognized by the USA/Canada Youth Exchange Network as the"Most Outstanding Youth Exchange District" from their 163 district membership.

Members of the district committee have served on the Rotary International Youth Exchange Committee and as president and committee member of the USA/Canada Network. We are dedicated to developing concepts which will improve the exchange process and maintaining the respect of our exchange partners throughout the world.