District 6000 schedules a Humanitarian Service Trip to Xicotepec, Mexico each March; usually during the week of the University of Iowa's spring break.  Click on "Xicotepec Project website" at the left for trip dates for the coming March.
Applicants should budget +/- $1,850 (youth) to +/- $2,000 (Rotarians and adults) for total trip cost, which includes all transportation and lodging and most meals (not included are meals "en route" and one meal in Mexico City). Other costs paid by participants include snacks, bottled water and souvenirs. $100-$200 in spending money is adequate for most participants.

University of Iowa service-learning students should check with their course instructor(s) for information on costs and available financial support.
All prospective applicants should visit the Xicotepec Project website (www.xicoproject.org) to learn more.
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